AI and Speech Technology

Embedding the most powerful AI and speech technology from the global leaders 

For humans to have conversations with machines a combination of technologies are required. Conversational AI bridges the gap between human and computer language and makes two-way communications  more natural without having to configure specific words or phrases. The intelligence comes from the systems learning all the different ways that customers communicate their request to improve the results and understand more.


Conversational AI offers powerful understanding of general conversation but it is less successful at understanding sector and domain specific words, letters or acronyms. This is where our integration with Enterprise speech technologies enables far greater control over speech terminology. 


converse360's platform consumes and fuses the best of conversational AI with the technology from the leading enterprise speech providers.


Advanced speech technology

Conversational AI is used primarily for understanding what customers are saying when they speak in a natural way. This is referred to as the intent. This intent is then responded to with a mixture of pre-scripted messages and for more complex interactions, it can introduce domain specific NLP unique to your brand, customers and goals. With the addition of advanced speech technology you can introduce domain specific topics, provide greater customisation of grammars, manage accents, understand slang and build bespoke voices.

NLP focuses largely on converting text to data including speech recognition, parsing, and information extraction. NLU teaches machines to interpret and understand the spoken language from the numerous ways that humans can ask the same question.The four leading AI providers are all competing on delivering the most advanced frameworks and each have different features and strengths.

Intelligent AI services

In addition to conversational AI the platform can offer other AI services including:

  • Translation services to automatically identify and respond in numerous languages 

  • Capture sentiment and emotion in real-time to trigger actions and workflows

  • Optical character recognition to automatically recognise images and content 

  • Utilise Neural Nets to make complex decisions during workflows.


Combined together, these services enable the platform to provide even more intelligent services that can truly serve customers with a unique and powerful experience.


Understanding humans

Human communication is much more than words, and includes the nuanced expression of feelings, way beyond simple text. 

Sentiment Analysis is a branch of machine learning that analyses and tries to understand the emotional tone of human conversations.  It works by sensing and quantifying positive, neutral, and negative feelings and provides insights into the actual emotions behind the texts. 

Therefore a virtual agent with sentiment analysis capabilities can provide more empathetic human-like responses, offering a customer conversation experience that is more natural and engaging than ever.  

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Capturing the voice of the customer

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With real-time monitoring of keywords, phrases, sentiment and emotion; taking feedback at every point of the journey.

See our Virtual Assistant in action in a housing environment, including workflows

See our Virtual Assistant in action in a housing environment, including workflows