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Chat and Voice Automation Platform 

Assist-Me is converse360's Service Automation Platform that uniquely enables organisations both large and small to introduce end-to-end digital self-service. Customers can integrate the Assist-Me platform in a matter of hours and begin to automate messages and phone calls through AI powered Chatbots and Voice Assistants.


Integrate to all your business applications and offer seamless hand-off to telephony systems and contact centres. The platform incorporates numerous technologies including Conversational and Generative AI, Enterprise speech, No-code and Low-code orchestration, SMS and email integration, iPaaS, process automation, surveys and analytics.

Powerful functionality in one place


Give personalised responses by retrieving data from CRM systems, Service Desk, Knowledge bases or any API enabled application

Integrated with Contact Centres & UC

Seamless hand-off from automated interactions to Contact Centres, Team work applications and Messenger systems

conversational AI platform

Customer feedback

Track the voice of the customer by monitoring transcripts, phrases, sentiment, emotion and behaviour

Knowledge & Data

Search your Enterprise data for accurate and up to date answers. Use pre-trained data or discover knowledge from document libraries

Process Automation

Use the various front end interfaces to capture data from your customers and hand across to RPA tools to update multiple systems

Artificial Intelligence

Utilise the most powerful AI functionality to converse naturally with your applications using conversational AI

Visual Interfaces

Create interfaces that build an emotional connection with your customers. Only 7% of great communications are from words; body language and tone are important

ID & Verification

Identify your customers quickly using password & biometrics to provide security cleared responses

Voice Interfaces

Speech is the most natural interface to use. Offer digital services through telephony, smart speakers and wearables

Messaging Interfaces

Interact with your customers through their preferred messenger or social channel

An end-to-end self-service platform

no-code chatbot Flow builder

Powerful and simple to use, drag and drop GUI to build flows, add Q&As and one click publish.

Connectors 2.PNG

Range of Connectors

Out-of-the-box connectors (eg Payments) for integrating to Contact Centres, Messaging Apps & AI services.

universal chat Client designer

Create chat client with a No-Code designer, preview and publish to your website or business app in minutes.

IPaaS - Low-code Integration Framework designer

Integrate to anything. A powerful cloud based integration framework for connecting your business data.

Discover more

chatbot interface

Offer customers dynamic and intuitive self-service through messaging, speech and digital humans. 

chatbot flow builder

An intuitive and powerful portal to design, create and build workflows and customer journeys incorporating text and visual component

AI & Speech Technology

Utilise the best of conversational AI with the technology from the leading enterprise speech providers

knowledge discovery

Present answers from pre-trained data and from dynamic information discovery


A robust and compliant way to check balances, make secure payments through debit card, credit card and opening banking 

chatbot integrations

To replicate advisor access to different applications the platform becomes a central hub for

inter-connecting disparate systems

See our Virtual Assistant in action in a housing environment, including workflows.  

Request a personalized live demo for the most relevant features based on individual requirements.

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