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Simplified End-to-End Automated Customer Engagement

A Powerful and Intuitive No-Code / Low-Code
Customer Service Automation Platform

Serve customers 24/7
on their device and application of choice
through messaging, speech and avatars

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Create your branded interface and design workflows through a No-Code design portal

converse360's Assist-Me Customer Service Automation Platform uses conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) and makes it simple for you to automate complex customer service interactions and deliver a fast, effortless and personalised experience, leaving your customers feeling heard, seen and loved. See the Virtual Assistant in action.

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Integrate back-office systems and unlock enterprise data through a Low-Code drag and drop GUI

Blend automated, assisted and live service with seamless hand-off to your Contact Centre or Teamwork apps

Let customers engage with you in new and different ways

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  • Automate engagement through Web, Messaging, Social, Speech, and with life-like Digital Humans to create true empathy through digital channels.

  • Customise your web client, your digital voice, and your avatar persona to personalise customer engagement and differentiate your digital brand.

Empower people and teams to create engaging experiences with the No-Code design studio

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  • Design, create and publish digital interfaces for web, speech and avatars

  • Create and edit end-to-end workflows in minutes (conversations, transactions, processes and integrations)

  • One click embedding of conversational AI from the world’s leading vendors

  • Construct journeys that blend Virtual Assistants and live advisors in seconds

Simplified integrations to your systems, knowledgebases, and enterprise data

Powerful Low-Code drag and drop framework to build integrations and processes

  • Flexible and open, connect to any/all of your business application

  • Out-of-the-box connectors to Contact Centres, Teamwork apps, and CRM

  • Deliverable from your in-house IT team

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Intuitive and unique real-time and historical visibility of customer journeys

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  • Powerful analytics to breakdown all elements of interactions

  • Real-time tracking of conversations, sentiment, words/phrases, hand-off

  • Surveys to capture the voice of the customer and feedback

  • Comprehensive reports and facilities to export to BI

 design | build | monitor | manage 

escalate | review | analyse | report

Outstanding Customer Experience (CX)

Use Virtual Assistants, Chatbots and Digital Humans to serve customers instantly, 24/7 with intelligent responses whilst reducing overheads. 


reduction in Live Chat requests


 reduction in average Live Chat time


Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 6 months

“Although customer contact has increased, we have reduced the staffing requirement for live chat and are utilising them elsewhere in the organisations”

Group Assistant Director of Customer Services - ForHousing
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Exceptional customer service, delivered differently

Communications between businesses and customers is changing. The Assist-Me platform is enabling next generation AI technology to stand in front of your existing Contact Centres and communication systems to offer instant first response on any channel and hand-off to your teams only if required.

Think of your customer service teams automating and triaging interactions using chatbots, digital assistants and virtual agents for first contact, and then passing complex enquiries to human advisors. Using the strengths of virtual and live when each is appropriate.

Customer Advisors Working in Harmony with Digital Technology

Customer Advisors Working in Harmony with Digital Technology

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End-to-end solution

Helping you build an altogether better customer experience.


Customer Interfaces

Offer customers dynamic and intuitive self-service through multiple channels



An intuitive and powerful portal for management and orchestration. Granular multi-level access for customers to design, create and build the user interface


AI & Speech Technology

Utilise the best of conversational AI with the technology from the leading enterprise speech providers


Knowledge Discovery

Present answers from pre-trained data and from dynamic information discovery


Identification & Verification (ID&V)

Request the identity and verification information from the user and then confirm identity and authenticate the user through a secure connection



To replicate advisor access to different applications the platform becomes a central hub for inter-connecting disparate systems

converse360's Assist-Me Service Automation Platform enables conversations to be created using all the top tier AI frameworks and speech providers to ensure complete compatibility and integration.

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