converse360's powerful Service Automation Platform makes it simple for you to automate your customer service interactions and deliver a fast, effortless and personalised experience, leaving your customers feeling heard, seen and loved.

Enabling a first-class, always-on service for today's connected customer

self-service through smart phone

Meet and serve your customers instantly on their favourite device, through their channel of choice

Visual. Speech. Messaging

Powerful self-service interfaces that automate communications through natural conversation.

Service automation, dialogflow,speech, digital human
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A new partnership between humans and machines

converse360's Service Automation Platform  Intelligently blends the strengths of automation technology with live customer service applications.


Automating interactions first, with intelligent hand-off to Contact Centres, Messaging platforms and Teamwork apps.


Enhancing the user experience whilst augmenting Customer Service teams.

Intuitive for your customers to use


Digital human

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Virtual Assistant

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Give customers the freedom to engage & transact in their preferred way.

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Delivering dynamic, fun and intuitive interfaces for your customers to engage

Create interfaces that are captivating and memorable for your customers to self-serve. Build your digital personas' with your brands expressions and personality. Automate interactions with the human touch.
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Answering questions and actioning requests. Digitally

Unlock knowledge from within your business and make it universally accessible to customers and employees through dynamic conversational interfaces.
Present information instantly that is personalised and relevant and save your customer time.

Blending the strengths of service automation and live agents

Powerful supervisory control to manage the blending of digital or live first contact. Utilise digital humans, Virtual Assistant or chat bots to offer scale, instant responses and a 24/7 service. Call upon the strengths of live advisors where they add value. Intelligent transfer between virtual and live agents, with context and customer history ensures a superb user experience.

The power of virtual assistants, digital humans and chatbots

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Capturing the voice of the customer.

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With real-time monitoring of keywords, phrases, sentiment and emotion; taking feedback at every point in the journey.

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Embedding AI from the global leaders and wrapping additional capabilities to make it:


Integrating and embedding advanced technology components, removing silo’s and simplifying access. All managed and orchestrated through a joined up and powerful service automation platform.

More than the sum of its component parts!

  • Simple to manage

  • Effortless to use

  • Intuitive to administer

  • Straight forward to integrate

Simple for businesses to orchestrate

Multi-tenant portal for managing all aspects of service automation and live hand-off:

 design | build | monitor | manage | escalate | review | analyse | report

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A powerful platform bringing you control at every point

Dynamic Conversational Interfaces

Rapidly create captivating user interfaces which customers love that are effortless & convenient to use and engage them through natural conversation.

Digital Assistant & Virtual Agent

Instantly engage with your audience to automate answers and action requests 24/7 via web, messaging, speech and through life-like visual interfaces

Conversational AI Technologies

Introduce technologies from the worlds leading AI, Enterprise Speech, Avatar and Messaging vendors

Empower Customers with Knowledge

Discover & capture data from documents, databases, CRM, business applications, websites and social feeds and make it available to your customers

Live, Assisted & Self-Service Integration

Seamlessly blend automated & live responses at different points in the customer journey. Integrated with the worlds leading Contact Centre and Teamwork/Messaging apps

Intuitive Orchestration Portal

Create interfaces, configure & automate workflows & processes, orchestrate AI technology, manage knowledge discovery, and integrate your business applications

Analytics, Monitoring & Reporting

View real-time interactions, monitor conversations and barge with intelligent or rule defined escalations, see customer journey maps, analytics and advanced reports

A Contact Centre but not a Contact Centre

Communications between businesses and customers is changing. Our platform is enabling next generation AI technology to stand in front of your existing Contact Centres and communication systems to offer instant first response on any channel and hand-off to your teams only if required.

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Exceptional customer service, delivered differently

Think of your customer service teams as having digital assistants and virtual agents providing first contact, and then passing complex enquiries to human advisors. Using the strengths of virtual and live when appropriate.

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Experience is everything

  • Elevate your brand
  • Win new followers
  • Retain valued clients
Expectations have risen and customers are demanding personalised services that are instant, convenient and friendly
Get it right and the rewards are high, get it wrong and customers will switch to your competitors.
Customers are embracing a new mindset of service automation, blended with the human touch where the experience is fast, effortless and personalised.
Some statistics and predictions
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Customer Journeys that delight


Great customer experience will:​