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Deliver End-to-End Automated Customer Service

The converse360 Assist-Me platform connects with all your housing applications and data sources 

Find out what our housing customers think


"ForHousing want to create a 24/7 service that operates for all areas of the business, whilst removing opening hours and supporting an enhanced digital offer for tenants so they can truly self-serve at a time convenient to them. Our Senior Leadership team are committed to introducing RPA and AI where possible, enabling us to better utilise our resources elsewhere.

converse360 provides exactly what we needed to start an automated tenant journey. The ability to design and create our own flows, bespoke to our differing individual geographical areas, was our primary reason for choosing this solution but also the function to communicate with our telephony software and Housing Management System ensures that our new chatbot will provide the same level of service as an advisor whilst delivering huge efficiencies."


"The Virtual Assistant was introduced as part of emh groups digital strategy. It has enhanced our ability to answer frequently asked questions on our website and sign post customers to digital channels by default. For example linking to our customer portal or, if appropriate, to a web page for more information. The Virtual Assistant has played its part in increasing digital transactions and reducing routine type telephone calls. Thus allowing our customer services team to deal with more complex queries.


converse360 provided great help and support throughout the implementation period and beyond to ensure a successful launch and subsequent development."

Our other housing customers include:


A community of customers

As more housing associations and local authorities are on-boarded we are creating a community of customers who can share their experiences and learn from each other. Many of the workflows and processes are very similar and we actively encourage our community to compare topics, questions, workflows, and responses to help accelerate deployment. We have also created a housing sector accelerator pack to short-cut the training model, which is continually improving.

Virtual Assistants and AI Chatbots
for Housing Providers

Residents want convenience when interacting with housing associations and other housing providers. Customer expectations are increasing and they are growing accustomed to getting prompt responses, whether via the website, on the phone, or through social channels.


Residents want to be served in a convenient way at a time that suits them, from their favourite device on their channel of choice. Supporting customers 24 x 7 x 365 with a knowledgeable Customer Service Team is not financially feasible. Whilst digital portals offer one option, they should be supported by other options otherwise it is often easier for customers to make a phone call.

The latest AI Chatbots and Virtual Assistants specifically designed for housing providers, supported by a customer service automation platform, are finally allowing housing associations and other housing providers to offer residents the service they now expect.

House cloud.png

So much more than a chatbot

Although Chatbots, Digital Assistants, and Alexa are familiar terms within the sector, these technologies are just the beginning of what is possible! Automated services can be delivered through telephony, web, email, SMS, Social Media, smart speakers, kiosks/video screens and as enhancements to existing digital portals and within apps.

converse360's Assist-Me Customer Service Automation platform enables you to build the process once, tweak the flows for messaging, speech and visual and then publish it to your channels of choice. 


Benefits for your customers and your Customer Service team include:

  • No more queuing for customers who want instant responses

  • Extending your opening hours to 24/7

  • Enabling customers to self-serve using natural conversation, whether speaking or typing

  • Reducing the number of calls into the Customer Services team

  • Triaging of the monotonous and repetitive calls so that advisors can focus on the complex enquiries


Housing providers can choose Virtual Assistants to automate specific processes and leave live advisors for other tasks or enquiries. By proactively monitoring all interactions and configuring triggers to detect when customers are getting frustrated or need further assistance the system will automatically offer a transfer to a Customer Services Advisor and pass the relevant information across. This ensures a successful call resolution and a great experience for the customer.

Service automation through a choice of channels

Whether your customers interact through messaging, speech or visual avatars, the platform allows you to build the process once, customise to suit and publish it to your choice of channels. These videos show customer service automation in a housing environment through a Chatbot, Alexa and with Digital Humans.

Housing Management Integration

Housing associations and other housing providers are embracing digital transformation in a number of different ways and many are looking at introducing process automation into existing and new applications. converse360 can integrate into software from a number of Housing Management providers and local authority applications either with direct integrations or through partnerships with specialist providers. Where integrations are not already in place we can use low-code methods to connect with any software system that has the appropriate API’s.

Housing Integrations 1.png

The converse360 Assist-Me Customer Service Automation Platform already integrates with all the following platforms, providing standard connectors, enabling you to easily create an end-to-end solution.

Housing Icons.png

Use cases for housing provider Chatbots, Virtual Assistant and Customer Service Automation

These are just some of the ways that converse360's Assist-Me Customer Service Automation Platform allows housing providers to streamline processes and deliver exceptional customer service to residents. 



Answer common questions and provide links to more detailed information, your digital portal, web pages and documents



Where FAQ responses are too broad, drill down to really understand the intent, guide through a process and give concise responses



Enable customers to transact in numerous ways. Make payments, check rent balances, make claims



Make forms more dynamic, let capturing mundane information be conversational and have responses steer your customers to relevant knowledge with minimal effort



Automate the setting up, amending or cancelling of appointments, with integrations to Calendars, Housing Management, CRM & Scheduling

Diamond 6.png


Assist callers to check basic repairs themselves, watch how-to videos, self-diagnose problems & share images to assist repairs



Capture information, look-up details and provide automated responses to complex processes



Request feedback & make it simple for customers to air their views whether positive or negative, one click or detailed questionaires

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Fast-track your service automation journey

Create, build, edit, view, and test your FAQ's and workflows within days

To fast track the set-up of an automated system and reduce costs we have simplified the processes. Below are some example steps for introducing automated webchat, such as a Chatbot, and start testing in a day! 


Use the no-code portal to design your chat client. Customise your icons, pop-ups, buttons, colours, fonts, headlines and greeting messages to tailor it to your company brand


Choose from hundreds of sample FAQ and workflow templates or create and edit your own through a no-code/low-code portal. Try the example flows that are easily edited or ask a common question to see further examples


For connecting your workflows to enterprise data use our standard connectors into housing management and CRM systems or use the low-code Integration Designer to simplify the process automation


Test the FAQ's and workflows on the web pages provided, get feedback from different teams and friendly customers. Where using speech, call into the test number and speak with the service and ensure it understands all words, phrases and dialects and retune as necessary


Apply a line of code to your website and apply the changes to your telephony system to integrate with your systems

See our Virtual Assistant in action in a housing environment, including workflows.  Discover how you can seamlessly blend automated responses with live agent hand-off including context and transcripts.

You can also request a personalized live demo where we can show you the most relevant features and functionalities based on your individual requirements.

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