converse360's Service Automation Platform integrates advanced technology components, removes silos and simplifies access through a joined up and powerful orchestration portal. The platform embeds and manages numerous technologies including: conversational AI, Enterprise Speech, Digital Assistants/Chatbots, Digital Humans/Avatars, ID & Verification, Process Automation, Sentiment Monitoring and Smart Devices.


To capture information from existing business systems, the platform connects to CRM & Service Desk applications, Databases, UC & messaging systems, Contact Centres and RPA tools.

The platform enables customers to create interfaces that are fun, engaging and memorable. Whether these are animated characters on the website or within a mobile apps that draws people into using the service, a range of speech interfaces with amazingly realistic voices and tones or life-like digital humans faces (avatars) through which to interact.


Companies can build their digital persona with expressions and personality, following company brand guidelines and automate interactions with the human touch, whilst offering differentiation.

Powerful functionality

Integrated with Contact Centres & UC

Seamless hand-off from automated interactions to Contact Centres, Team work applications and Messenger systems


Give personalised responses by retrieving data from CRM systems, Service Desk, Knowledge bases or any API enabled application

Customer feedback

Track the voice of the customer by monitoring transcripts, phrases, sentiment, emotion and behaviour

Process Automation

Use the various front end interfaces to capture data from your customers and hand across to RPA tools to update multiple systems

Visual Interfaces

Create interfaces that build an emotional connection with your customers. Only 7% of great communications are from words; body language and tone are important

Artificial Intelligence

Utilise the most powerful AI functionality to converse naturally with your applications using conversational AI

ID & Verification

Identify your customers quickly using password & biometrics to provide security cleared responses

Knowledge & Data

Search your Enterprise data for accurate and up to date answers. Use pre-trained data or discover knowledge from document libraries


Voice Interfaces

Speech is the most natural interface to use. Offer digital services through telephony, smart speakers and wearables

Messaging Interfaces

Interact with your customers through their preferred messenger or social channel


Customer Interfaces

Create a digital persona for your business
Visual. Speech. Messaging 
Offer customers dynamic and intuitive self-service through multiple channels. Visual interactions with animations and human-like avatars for deep emotional engagement, automated speech over the phone or through smart speakers, and messaging through Web and Social.
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Digital humans as the face of your company
Customise your:
  • facial features
  • expressions
  • skin tone
  • clothing
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Entice users to engage:
  • Energise your interfaces
  • Animate to draw attention

Dynamic visuals to engage your audience

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Customise your voice and language  
To represent your digital brand
By 2025 it is anticipated that 80% of first contact with a business will be through digital channels. How will you differentiate your brand and make it stand out?
Meet your audience instantly through a choice of interfaces to connect and engage 
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Visual interactions and touch-less interfaces will be the next major user interface within the conversational AI revolution.


Customers can converse with life-like digital humans or with animated avatars that increase customer engagement and offer more personalised experiences.

As simple as touch to speak, customers can engage through  a browser on a mobile, tablet, PC, Mac or integrate within an app or on a kiosk.

Speech 1.png

Speech is an interface that almost anyone can use, it is predicted to become the next platform that will dwarf all other forms of interface.

Businesses can utilise next generation voice interfaces and create a unique brand identity through customising accents, tone and grammar.


Using the latest conversational AI customers can speak in a completely natural way to deal with their enquiries through the phone, apps, smart speakers and a range of new speech interfaces being introduced.

Messaging 1.png

Messaging has become the go-to interface on smartphones, tablets and PC's across almost all demographics for communications.

Interact with your customers through their favourite channel. Automate conversations through web chat, social media apps, SMS and email. Provide instant responses and present your content in formats that are intuitive for your audience:

Text, images, videos, surveys, carousel, maps, lists, calendars




An intuitive and powerful portal for management and orchestration


The converse360 platform provides granular multi-level access for customers to design, create and build the user interface. The client that appears in browsers on PC's, Mac's, mobiles and tablets can be completely customised, and animated characters, bespoke images and sounds can be incorporated.


The platform incorporates a visual conversation designer for building complex workflows and enables colleagues to review, comment or edit.

Supervisors have access to a rich set of monitoring tools, analytics and reports. Real-time visibility of customer interactions and powerful management capabilities enable approved users to have full management over automated response rules. 

Intelligent transfer and seamless hand-off can be controlled for web, messaging, speech and video through pre-built connectors to teamwork and messaging apps, telephony systems and contact centers. Rules are managed in the portal based on requests not understood, untrained topics, key words/phrases captured or when poor sentiment is detected. Supervisors with real-time monitoring capabilities can also control escalations to contact centers or to barge interactions.

The platform incorporates customisable dashboards that present information as text, graphs, heat-maps, customer journey maps and other graphical images. Dashboards show real-time information and all data can be presented within Contact Centre windows or browsers, enabling Customer Services Managers to effectively monitor and manage automated services and live services in one place.

Interactive Portal

  • Customisable User Interface

  • Visual workflow builder

  • Conversational AI designer

  • Dynamic interactive dashboard

  • Real-time monitoring of Digital Assistant

  • Supervisory escalation management

  • Blend automated/live service

  • Customer journey maps

  • Review trending conversation topics

  • Conversation heat-map analytics

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AI & Speech Technology

Embedding the most powerful AI technology from the global leaders 

For humans to have conversations with machines a combination of technologies are required. Conversational AI bridges the gap between human and computer language and makes two-way communications  more natural without having to configure specific words or phrases. The intelligence comes from the systems learning all the different ways that customers communicate their request to improve the results and understand more.


Conversational AI offers powerful understanding of general conversation but it is less successful at understanding sector and domain specific words, letters or acronyms. This is where our integration with Enterprise speech technologies enables far greater control over speech terminology. 


converse360's platform consumes and fuses the best of conversational AI with the technology from the leading enterprise speech providers.


Conversational AI is used primarily for understanding what customers are saying when they speak in a natural way. This is referred to as the intent. This intent is then responded to with a mixture of pre-scripted messages and for more complex interactions, it can introduce domain specific NLP unique to your brand, customers and goals. With the addition of advanced speech technology you can introduce domain specific topics, provide greater customisation of grammars, manage accents, understand slang and build bespoke voices.

NLP focuses largely on converting text to data including speech recognition, parsing, and information extraction. NLU teaches machines to interpret and understand the spoken language from the numerous ways that humans can ask the same question.The four leading AI providers are all competing on delivering the most advanced frameworks and each have different features and strengths.

AI 1.png

converse360's platform enables conversations to be created using any or multiple AI frameworks and speech providers to ensure that whatever you are trying to create we can offer the most appropriate technology.

In addition to conversational AI the platform can offer other AI services including:

  • Translation services to automatically identify and respond in numerous languages 

  • Capture sentiment and emotion in real-time to trigger actions and workflows

  • Optical character recognition to automatically recognise images and content 

  • Utilise Neural Nets to make complex decisions during workflows.


Combined together, these services enable the platform to provide even more intelligent services that can truly serve customers with a unique and powerful experience.


Knowledge Discovery

Stack of Books
Present answers from pre-trained data and from dynamic information discovery  

The platform enables users to retrieve both pre-trained answers as well as more complex and dynamic content found in documents, knowledge bases, databases, product manuals, and business applications such as CRM & Service Desk.

Responses to enquiries may include content that rarely changes where pre-trained answers from FAQ’s or workflows will guide customers and resolve their query accurately. Also, integrating Machine Learning  allows it to continuously improve from user interactions and enables organisations to create and deploy custom machine learning models based on domain expertise to increase accuracy.

Where answers are dynamic and constantly changing, the system can be trained to search through specific content that exists in different formats that are typically challenging for traditional search technology to interpret (PDFs, Excel tables, PowerPoint). With our embedded AI, information can be intelligently labelled and indexed within your enterprise document library (headers, footers, content, images, tables) enabling smart discovery of precise answers from within bodies of text.

Capture information from business applications  

Where dynamic content is stored within databases, it will search information and content found in business applications such CRM systems, Service Desk, HR systems, databases or industry specific systems. Data can be retrieved to help identify customers for ID & V, and look-up content to provide users personalised responses.


ID & Verification

Combination Lock

When customers are requesting secure information through a self-service interface that is personal to them they will need to go through an identification and verification process. The platform will request the identity and verification information from the user and then use a secure connection to the business application to confirm identity and authenticate the user. Once the identity is confirmed the platform can search for the secure information / content within the business applications such CRM systems, Service Desk, HR systems, databases or domain specific applications. 

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Missing Piece

For self-service to work effectively it must replicate what a great Customer Services advisor would do to provide a seamless user experience. An advisor will have access to a number of different applications where they can retrieve information, follow processes, perform transactions, update the relevant systems and record the interaction.


To replicate this journey the converse360 platform becomes a central hub for inter-connecting disparate systems. Offering either pre-built integration modules or an SDK framework it  integrates to any open and API ready application.


The information required to answer customer enquiries may be stored in business applications such as CRM, Service Desk, HR applications, knowledge-bases and in sector & domain specific applications. Integration into these applications enables us to perform a security check to validate the customer and then to retrieve relevant information and to post updates back to the databases.

When the Virtual Assistant captures information that needs posting back to multiple applications, integrations to Robotic Process Information (RPA) systems are available. This enables a full digital process from start to finish.

Business Applications

Messaging Applications

To automate communications with customers through their choice of chat client we offer integrations to an ever growing number of leading Messaging platforms. Customers may wish to interact through Social messaging applications, email, SMS and a growing number of new channels. converse360 are continuously adding new connectors and can create bespoke integrations as required.

For workflows that may require hand-off to a live advisor we integrate to business Messaging platforms and Teamwork applications. This enables businesses to retain existing tools that everyone is familiar with to converse with customers as required. 

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For enquiries that are better handled by a live advisor we offer integrations into many of the leading contact centres and can build connectors to others where API's are available. The platform will intelligently manage the events that trigger a transfer from a virtual assistant, to a live agent or to another automated process.


Numerous hand-off and escalation parameters can be configured including key words or phrases, customer sentiment, specified intents, customer identity as well as untrained topics. Contact Centre Agents/Supervisors with real time monitoring capabilities also have escalate and barge features.

Where customers have engaged through messaging applications such as web-chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or other text based communications the platform will identify if the Contact Centre is open and transfer the interaction with all metadata and conversation transcript so that the agent has full visibility of the call history. The agent can also trigger actions that instruct the Virtual assistant to perform processes.

Customers who have interacted with a speech based Virtual Assistant under the same parameters can be transferred to a contact centre queue to continue the conversation. Where a Contact Centre isn't in place then the transfer will be routed to a telephony system.

Contact Centres and Telephony Systems