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Enterprise and SMB

Automate and digitise processes giving your customers instant access and control 

Service automation can perform all kinds of interactions for customers across nearly every industry. Whatever sector your business works in, if you have customer facing departments there will be areas that can be automated to service your customer faster and through their channel of choice.

Whether your audience engage with you through your website, on the phone, by email, text or through social channels they are beginning to expect instant responses or they choose another provider. In certain sectors you only get one chance to make a good impression or the customer is lost forever; this is where automated responses that really assist can make all the difference. With connections between your automated service and your in-house communication platforms you have the option to transfer interactions to your employees to conclude the journey whilst offering a great experience. Sectors that have benefited from service automation include: Technology, Retail, Insurance, Transport, Property, Legal, Hospitality & Tourism, Finance, Trades & Services, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Health and many others.

Use Cases for Service Automation

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Answer common questions and provide links to more detailed information, web pages, documents and collateral

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Drill down to really understand the intent, work through a process to give concise responses

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Enable customers to transact in numerous ways. Make payments, check delivery times or amend orders

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Make forms more dynamic, ask questions where responses affect follow-up questions and steer your audience to the end goal

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Automate the set up, amending or cancelling of appointments, with integrations to Calendars & CRM

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Assist callers to check things themselves, self-diagnose problems and share video or images

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Capture information, look-up details and provide automated responses

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Request feedback in numerous ways and make it simple for customers to rant or rave about your service

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