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Flow Builder


Design your interactions and conversations with a simple No-Code GUI 

Use the scripting tools to add Q&As and the flow builder to create workflows and processes; the Live-chat  transfer component can be drag and dropped into any part of the journey. The No-Code flow builder enables any Customer Services team member to configure workflows and journeys.

Visual workflow builder

Create and edit end-to-end workflows in minutes with our visual no-code conversation designer without the need for a developer

Visual chatbot workflow builder

Manage and edit small-talk, FAQs and conversation workflows from a single place.  Simple and easy-to-use, the platform incorporates a no-code visual conversation designer making it easy for anyone to build, preview and test complex workflows - no coding knowledge needed.

Edit small talk, FAQ and conversations workflows - no coding knowledge needed

Rich Webchat Components

  • Drag-and-drop components onto canvas, and add dialogue

  • Mix text, buttons, tables, emoji's with visual components

  • Incorporate your videos or those from YouTube and Vimeo

  • Construct journeys that blend AI-powered Chatbots/Intelligent Virtual Assistants and live advisors in seconds

  • Design conversations, transactions, processes and integrations

  • Introduce quick feedback (thumbs up/down) as part of flows and present surveys

  • Preview and publish instantly to your website or phone numbers

  • View changes in real-time

Drag and frop webchat components

Request a live demo and see how simple it is to create workflows.

Go beyond basic text!

A visual editor enables you to easily edit your small-talk, Q&A's and basic text responses by changing fonts, size, colour, bold, italics, highlighter and select the tools to add bullets, numbering, emoji's and many other effects.

Visual basic chat text editor
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