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ID & Verification

ID&V with chatbot virtual assistant

When customers are requesting secure information through a self-service interface such as a Chatbot or Virtual Assistant they will need to go through an identification and verification process. The platform will request the identity and verification information from the user and then use a secure connection to the business application to confirm identity and authenticate the user. Once the identity is confirmed the platform can search for the secure information / content within the business applications such CRM systems, Service Desk, HR systems, databases or domain specific applications. 

Usernames and passwords

Utilise username and password for authenticating customers who are self-serving through some form of messaging.  Whether communicating through automated webchat, social media or email, customers are familiar with providing their crendentials to retrieve personalised information.

authentication using chatbot virtual assistant
fingerprint recognition self-serve chatbot virtual assistant

Voice biometrics

Add voice authentication to any speech-based automation solution.  Replace frustrating, time-consuming processes simply by allowing your customers and/or employees to verify with their voice and increase your efficiency and productivity.

Make it simple and convenient to verify or identify a caller by their voice, as opposed to agent-led ID&V or knowledge and token-based authentication.  Provide a seamless user interaction, while also offering time and cost savings for your organisation and your customers.

voice authentication on speech based chatbot virtual assistant
facial recognition chatbot virtual assistant

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