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An intuitive and powerful portal for management and orchestration

The converse360 Assist-Me Service Automation Platform provides granular multi-level access for customers to design, create and build the user interface such as a Chatbot or Virtual Assistant. The client that appears in browsers on PC's, Mac's, mobiles and tablets can be completely customised, and animated characters, bespoke images and sounds can be incorporated.


The platform incorporates a visual conversation designer for building complex workflows and enables colleagues to review, comment or edit.

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Monitoring and reporting

Supervisors have access to a rich set of monitoring tools, analytics and reports. Real-time visibility of customer interactions and powerful management capabilities enable approved users to have full management over automated response rules. 


Intelligent transfer

Intelligent transfer and seamless hand-off can be controlled for web, messaging, speech and video through pre-built connectors to teamwork and messaging apps, telephony systems and contact centers. Rules are managed in the portal based on requests not understood, untrained topics, key words/phrases captured or when poor sentiment is detected. Supervisors with real-time monitoring capabilities can also control escalations to contact centers or to barge interactions.

Graphic Displays

The platform incorporates customisable dashboards that present information as text, graphs, heat-maps, customer journey maps and other graphical images. Dashboards show real-time information and all data can be presented within Contact Centre windows or browsers, enabling Customer Services Managers to effectively monitor and manage automated services and live services in one place.

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Interactive Portal​

  • Customisable User Interface

  • Visual workflow builder

  • Conversational AI designer

  • Dynamic interactive dashboard

  • Real-time monitoring of Digital Assistant

  • Supervisory escalation management

  • Blend automated/live service

  • Customer journey maps

  • Review trending conversation topics

  • Conversation heat-map analytics

See our Virtual Assistant in action in a housing environment, including workflows.

Request a personalized live demo for the most relevant features based on individual requirements.

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