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AI and Payment Technology

Welcome to the seamless integration of PCI Pal's secure digital payment solution with converse360's cutting-edge conversational AI platform. Combining these innovative technologies has revolutionised how businesses handle online transactions, elevating the customer experience to the next level.

Revolutionising eCommerce with seamless payments

Offer your customers a more interactive and secure payment experience within an IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant). They can ask questions, get recommendations, and make financial transactions all within the same conversational flow - a frictionless journey from enquiry to payment.

Payment 1.PNG

Leverage converse360's Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), capable of understanding and responding to complex user queries, and making customer interactions more engaging, personalised, and efficient. Combine this with PCI Pal's robust and compliant digital payment solution to ensure every transaction is processed securely, protecting your customer’s sensitive card information, and optimising their user experience in a consumer-like multi-payment checkout. 

Create workflows with ease

The Assist-Me flow builder can be used to build an end-to-end payment workflow. Payment journeys can include ID&V, dynamic look-up of amount owed, take payments through debit/credit card/open banking, offer transfer to an agent, and send the interaction transcript.


The IVA can recognise any phrases that a customer scribes to start the payment journey, or enable specific buttons within a website or mobile app to trigger the payment workflow.  

Payments may be taken after the customer has selected specific items to purchase or where they are paying an amount owed, are identified, the balance presented and a payment taken.  If declined the system can offer an immediate transfer to a live advisor to resolve the issue.


The flow builder enables almost anyone to use a drag and drop framework to create an appropriate workflow for use within an AI Chatbot.  The example flow below was created and tested in less than an hour!

Payment 2.PNG

Example payment workflow

Next gen digital payment solutions

This is more than just a technical integration; it's the future of eCommerce made real.  Transforming the way businesses engage with customers and handle transactions. Experience this extraordinary synergy of AI and secure payments.

See our Virtual Assistant in action in with a digital payment workflow

Request a personalized live demo for the most relevant features based on individual requirements.

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