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Enghouse working with converse360’s Assist-Me for Chat & Social Connector

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Enghouse Interactive

converse360 are delighted to announce we have been working in collaboration with Enghouse to build the Enghouse Chat Connector.

The Enghouse Chat Connector is a powerful module that integrates Virtual Assistants / Chatbots with contact centres to transform the customer experience. Providing both an automated and live chat service, helping businesses serve and transact 24/7.

This collaboration has meant that the Enghouse Chat Connector now has a number of rich API’s that enable seamless integration between Enghouse’ Communications Center Chat and 3rd Party Chat and Automation platforms. By using the Chat Connector, customers can begin self-serving with a Chatbot and using business rules can be transferred to a live Communications Center chat queue and delivered to chat-enabled agents.

Enghouse utilises Assist-Me, the converse360 service automation platform, which offers end-to-end automation through Chatbots, Speech Assistants, digital humans and adds workflow integration to email, SMS, business applications and UC systems. It fully integrates to the Enghouse contact centre and utilises all the API’s to offer powerful interoperability with rich features and functionality allowing you to:

  • Create, customise and brand a chat client for your website in an hour that delivers both Chatbot and live Enghouse webchat from a single user friendly interface

  • Use the portal to easily configure FAQ’s and build workflows using the leading AI technology from Google, IBM and AWS to intelligently chat with your audience in a natural conversational way

  • Integrate data from your CRM, business applications and knowledgebases. Identify and verify your customers and then offer personalised responses and transactions Offer seamless hand-off from

  • Develop a Virtual Assistant to live agent process based on workflow rules, misunderstood topics and using hidden words and phrases to trigger transfers

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