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Automating Services for your customers frequent requests

Service automation technologies can answer questions, follow simple or complex workflows and look-up data in your housing management systems, CRM, and knowledgebases. It can perform various types of transactions and push the conversation transcripts and updated data into your applications or to RPA systems.

Example workflows are shown below that include data dips for ID&V and retrieval of live customer information. Example data (Test Data) for workflows is shown at the foot of this page.


Rent Enquiry

Calculate Savings
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Try this example repairs workflow. These and many others can be easily edited to suit your organisations processes. They can incorporate data from your housing management system using our standard connectors.

Rent Enquiry

Look-up live customer information and provide the following: 

  • Rent balance updates 

  • Last payment received date

  • Make a payment

  • Advice on ways to pay

  • Direct Debit set-up

Rent Balance workflow
Pay my Rent workflow
Calculate Savings
Flow 1.png
Flow 1.png
Example workflows

Try one of the example workflows or ask a different question. These and many others can be easily edited to suit your organisations processes. They can incorporate data from your housing management system using our range of connectors.

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Handyman on the Phone

Example information available to offer to your customers includes:

  • Confirm time and date of existing repairs

  • Provide details of the trade and works description

  • Book, change or cancel repairs

  • Confirm next gas service date

Raise a repair workflow
Heating fault workflow

Other example repair FAQ's / Workflows you can try include:

  • Broken door

  • Electric fault

  • Plumbing blockage

  • Power cut

Flow 1.png
Flow 1.png
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Find a home

Whether available properties are within your own control or handled by your partners you can assist your customers in a number of ways:

  • Provide relevant information

  • Guide users through dynamic forms that capture details

  • Signpost users to other information or websites

Flow 1.png
Find a home workflow
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ASB / Domestic abuse

Image by John Cameron

In order to support your customers they may have numerous questions or require advice and support. You can assist them by:

  • Answering specific questions

  • Informing them on what to do

  • Guiding through forms

Flow 1.png
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ID & V of your customer


Make it as effortless as possible for your customers to identify themselves when they need confidential information. 

Your Housing Management and CRM systems hold a breadth of data that can be used to verify your customers. We can access info such as name, DoB, NI, tel numbers, email address, tenancy ID, property ID. Depending on the channel or device used by the customer we can verify their credentials using traditional methods or more frictionless ways such as biometrics.

Housing Management Test Data

Any processes above will use the sample data below:

User data 2.PNG
User data 1.PNG

Collect data and post updates back to your applications

Use our Housing Management connectors or API's to connect to your live data. The data in the table above can be used with the example workflows. This is doing an API call to structured data for verification and retrieval of information.