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housing demo chatbot virtual assistant
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An Interactive Demonstration showing service automation in a housing environment

Digital First Customer Service

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This site demonstrates how you can offer digital first engagement to automate customer service interactions. It presents workflow ideas across a range of common housing topics and can offer instant responses and relevant information retrieved from your Housing Management systems (MRI, Aareon, Capita, Civica, MIS, NEC), CRM and other business applications.  

Intelligent Speech Assistants, Chatbots, Virtual Agents, Digital Humans and AI can perform transactions to support your businesses current self-service tools. Please note that we have not tried to cover every topic in this demonstration site. Hundreds of other sample workflows and the speech service are available if you wish to arrange a live demonstration. 

This demonstration site is built on the Wix proprietary framework, if you encounter any problems on a mobile device it is because their mobile rendering doesn't follow published standards. All live demonstrations will show perfect rendering across the mobile platforms.

pay rent housing demo chatbot virtual assistant

Pay my Rent

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triage repairs housing demo chatbot virtual assistant


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Find a home housing demo chatbot virtual assistant

Find a Home

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ASBO housing demo chatbot virtual assistant

Antisocial Behaviour

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em housing

converse 360 provided great help and support throughout the implementation period and beyond to ensure a successful launch and subsequent development.

forhousing housing

converse360 provides exactly what we need to start an automated tenant journey, they offered all our requirements and more.

Great Places housing

We wanted to offer new channels for customers to self-serve and converse360 provided a flexible platform and the guidance to start on our service automation journey

Grand Union housing

When adding customer service automation it was imperative that it connected to our live data and to our Contact Centre. converse360 offered simple API's and standard connectors.

Contact - Housing


Digital Assistant

0333 6000 360

4 Cliveden Office Village,
Lancaster Road,
High Wycombe, 

HP12 3YZ

Live speech through browser coming soon!

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