The easiest and most feature-rich Dialogflow builder available!

Create simple and complex flows in minutes, add Q&A and small-talk and publish to Dialogflow in seconds. Images, videos, maps, web links, buttons and other media in the flow builder canvas will pass seamlessly and automatically into Dialogflow.

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Assist-Me for Google Dialogflow

Google Dialogflow
Any integrations configured in the integrations builder (Cloud and on-premise applications) will all work out-of-the-box. Workflows using the transfer component will seamlessly hand-off to your contact centre's queue or telephony systems.

Design your webchat client in the client designer, preview and publish to your website. Complete your flows, test, save, one-click publish and go-live in minutes.

Assist-Me makes it simple for anyone to use Google Dialogflow

Making it easy for anyone to create multi-media conversations in Dialogflow

Sometimes text is best, but in many cases people take in information more easily in other formats. With Assist-Me you can drag and drop a range of media components into your workflow, select the information source and add text as required.

Drag and drop, label content, save and publish. No coding skills required.

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Go beyond basic text!

A visual editor enables you to easily edit your small-talk, Q&As and basic text responses by changing fonts, size, colour, bold, italics, highlighter and select the tools to add bullets, numbering, emojis and many other effects.

Text editor for conversational ai assistant

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