Small and Medium Businesses

Developments in technology mean that AI Assistants and their associated workflows can now be created in no-code and low-code portals, with minimal IT assistance.

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AI Assistants for SMBs

Implementing AI Assistants is not just for large enterprises. The great thing about AI, in this age of cloud and as-a-service technology, is that you can implement AI in small, discrete projects and at a budget that is affordable on a pay as you consume basis.
Regardless of the sector your business is in, if you have customer-facing departments there will be areas that can be automated to provide a quicker, more personalised service, through your customer's channel of choice.
Whether your audience engages via a website, on the phone, by text or through social channels, customers now expect instant responses. You and your business often only get one chance to make a good impression. Smaller businesses can now utilise AI Assistants to provide exceptional customer service without the need for additional staff.

Use cases for AI Assistants and service automation

Answer Common Questions

Answer common questions and provide links to more detailed information, web pages, documents and collateral

Newsletter Sign Up

Encourage first time visitors to sign up for a newsletter, more information or request a demo

Orders and Transactions

Customers can make a variety of transactions. Make payments, check delivery times, amend or place orders


Automate the set up, amending or cancelling of appointments, with integrations to calendars and CRM

Identify and Engage Leads

Whether your audience visit a certain webpage or say something specific, your workflows can push them down routes that help progress the sale


Capture information, look-up details and provide automated responses

Upsell or Cross Sell

Move prospects down the sales funnel.  Offer free trials, suggest new products and upgrades.  Transfer to sales advisor

Interactive Surveys

Get feedback and make it simple for customers to rant or rave about your service

Customers now expect much more than a chatbot

Just like enterprise organisations, small businesses can offer automated services through telephony, web, email, SMS, social media, smart speakers, kiosks/video screens, as well as existing digital portals and within apps.

converse360's Assist-Me Customer Service Automation platform enables every organisation, large or small, to be able to build a process for a virtual assistant, tweak the messaging, speech and visual workflows that run them and then publish it to your channels of choice.

Your customers and your Sales and Customer Service team benefit from:​

  • Opening hours extended to 24/7
  • No more queuing for those customers who want instant responses
  • Customers can self-serve when looking for information or enquiring/placing an order
  • Monotonous and repetitive calls triaged so advisors can focus on more complex enquiries
  • Significantly reduced call volumes into the Sales and Customer Services teams
ai assistant

AI Assistants can give users the option to engage when they are browsing a website without being intrusive.  Proactive monitoring detects when customers are getting frustrated or need further assistance, and the system will automatically offer a transfer to a Sales or Customer Services Advisor.  Giving the customer the best possible service depending on their requirements.

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