Chat and Voice Automation

Automate conversations through AI Assistants and handle phone calls with Voice Assistants in a matter of hours. Integrate to all your business applications and hand-off to telephony systems and contact centres with Assist-Me.

Orchestrate conversational AI, generative AI, advanced speech and integrations through a no-code / low-code platform.

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ai assistant

An end-to-end self-service platform

Assist-Me conversational ai assistant

Assist-MeTM is converse360's Service Automation Platform that uniquely enables organisations both large and small to introduce end-to-end digital self-service.

You can easily integrate Assist-Me to all your business applications and offer seamless hand-off to telephony systems and contact centres. The platform incorporates numerous technologies including Conversational and Generative AI, Enterprise speech, No-code and Low-code orchestration, SMS and email integration, iPaaS, process automation, surveys and analytics.

converese360 orchestration portal

Orchestration Portal

Simple to configure multi-tenant portal. Manage your customer journey from end-to-end in a single portal.
AI Chat client designer

Universal Chat Client Designer

Create chat client with a no-code designer. Preview and publish to your website or business app in minutes.
AI Flow Builder

No-Code Flow Builder

Powerful and simple to use. Drag and drop GUI to build flows, add Q&As and one-click publishing.
IPaaS - Low-code Integration Framework

IPaaS - Low-code Integration Framework

Integrate to anything. A powerful cloud-based integration framework for connecting your business data.
converse360 Dashboard and Analytics

Range of Connectors

Out-of-the-box connectors (e.g. payments solutions). Easy integration with Contact Centres, messaging apps and AI services.
Assist-Me Dashboard

Dashboard and Analytics

Monitor, analyse and report on all interactions, conversations. Includes surveys, transfers, heatmaps, and graphs​.

Powerful functionality in one place

Enhance your online presence with our expert web services. Custom designs, flawless functionality, and comprehensive support for all your web needs.

Visual Interfaces

Create interfaces that build an emotional connection with your customers

Voice Interfaces

Speech is the most natural interfaces to use. Offer digital services through phone, smart speakers and wearables

Messaging Interfaces

Interact with your customers through their preferred messenger or social channel


Give personalised responses by retrieving data from CRM systems, Service Desk, Knowledge bases or any API enabled application

Customer Feedback

Understand the voice of the customer by monitoring transcripts, phrases, sentiment, emotion and behaviour

Process Automation

Use the various front end interfaces to capture data from your customers and hand across to RPA tools to update multiple systems

Artificial Intelligence

Utilise the most powerful AI functionality to converse naturally with your applications using conversational AI

Knowledge & Data

Search your enterprise data for accurate and up to date answers. Use pre-trained data or discover knowledge from document libraries

Integrate with Contact Centres & UC

Seamless hand-off from automated interactions to Contact Centres, team work applications and messenger systems

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