Chat Interfaces

Offer customers simple and effortless self-service through multiple channels such as AI Assistants, chatbots/virtual agents, speech assistants or even digital avatars.

Automate speech over the phone, mobile, in apps, and messaging through web and social channels.

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A choice of interfaces to simplify engagement

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Connect with your customer through their channel of choice

Visual channels

  • Visual interactions and touch-less interfaces will be the next major user interface within the conversational AI revolution.
  • Customers can converse with life-like digital humans or with animated avatars that increase customer engagement and offer more personalised experiences.
  • As simple as touch to speak, customers can engage through a browser on a mobile, tablet, Mac or PC. Or within an app or in a kiosk.
conversational ai assistant visual channels
conversational ai assistant speech channels

Speech channels

  • Speech is an interface that almost anyone can use, it is predicted to become the next platform that will dwarf all other forms of interface.
  • Businesses can utilise next generation voice interfaces and create a unique brand identity by customising accents, tone and grammar.
  • Using the latest conversational AI customers can speak in a completely natural way to deal with their enquiries through the phone, apps, smart speakers and a range of new speech interfaces being introduced.

Messaging channels

  • Messaging has become the go-to interface on smartphones, tablets and PCs across almost all demographics for communications.
  • Interact with your customers through their favourite channel, such as WhatsApp or Facebook. Automate conversations through web chat, social media apps, SMS and email. Provide instant responses and present your content in formats that are intuitive for your audience.
conversational ai assistant messaging channels

Dynamic visuals engage your audience

Brand Representation

A customised AI Assistant represents your brand


Icons and images create a consistent look and feel

Natural Conversation

Visual elements create rhythm, making the conversation more relaxed and natural

Emotional Connection

Create interfaces that build an emotional connection with your customers

Customise voice and language

Personalise the voice and language of your chatbot, virtual assistant, or Digital Human according to your customer base.

Customise voice and language in conversational ai assistant

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