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Next Generation Customer Experience

Automate customer journeys across voice and digital channels

Serve and support your customers. Instantly, anytime, anyhow.

Automate first contact 24/7 with no-code conversational AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants. Answer questions, respond to enquiries, sign-post to information, schedule appointments, look-up data and perform transactions. Conversational AI chatbots and virtual assistants can triage the complex enquiries and offer seamless hand-off to live advisors if and when required.

Answer questions | Respond | Guide and sign-post | Arrange appointments | Look-up data 


Speech | Text | Buttons | Images | Videos | Surveys | Maps | Forms | Payments | Transfers

Infinite ways to engage. One seamless experience

Speak. Type. Tap. Swipe.

Let your audience choose how they want to engage with you. Offer a range of modern interfaces that work on their device of choice. Serve your customers with fast, effortless and personalised experiences, either text or speech driven.  Provided on messaging apps for customer service, digital humans (visual avators) can provide a human touch.

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Speech driven

Powerful voice activated conversational self-service through the phone, messaging apps, mobile and smart devices.

Like Alexa and Siri, tapping into  your information and data

Messaging icons.PNG

Messaging interfaces

Intuitive and effortless conversations through Web, Social and Messenger for Customer Service.


Like a Chatbot but intelligent! Effortless access to  personalised information

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Human avatars

Emotionally connect with customers and build empathy through life-like digital humans.


Conversations with realistic visual avatars that represent your unique brand

Powerful technology.
Simple to use

An intuitive No-Code portal allows customer service teams and business users to design, preview and publish branded interfaces for web and speech to a variety of messaging apps and interfaces. Create FAQ's, and build simple and multi-step workflows that respond to your customer enquiries.  A simple to use GUI also enables workflows to call the API's, send messages and trigger transfers to live advisors and contact centres. 

Empower people and teams to create engaging experiences with ease.

Image 1.png

No-Code 'drag and drop' workflow builder for anyone to create customer journeys 

Image 2.png
Image 3.png

Low-Code 'drag and drop' GUI to integrate back-office systems and unlock enterprise data

Range of connectors to Contact Centres and Teamwork apps to blend automated, assisted and live service

Integrate to Anything. 
Integrate to Everything.

Your No-code AI-powered chatbot or Virtual Assistant is more intelligent when it connects to your data and applications.  Integrate to all your knowledge sources to present personalised, relevant and up-to-date responses. Offer a seamless hand-off to your existing communication systems and contact centres, when required, for a single joined up experience.  All easily created with No-code workflow builder and low-code integration.

Embedding conversational AI from the global leaders including IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow and Amazon Machine Learning, into converse360 leading edge technology, offers you the best of conversational AI technology.


Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Integrated.

Outstanding Customer Experience (CX)

Use Virtual Assistants and AI-powered Chatbots to serve customers instantly, 24/7 with intelligent responses whilst reducing overheads, providing an exceptional customer experience (CX) when using messaging apps for customer service.


reduction in Live Chat requests


 reduction in average Live Chat time


Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 6 months

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