Chat Client Designer

converse360's Assist-Me portal empowers organisations to create customised AI Assistants, chatbot and multi-modal interfaces that engage your audience on your website, within apps and on the phone.

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Design an AI Assistant interface for your website, app or phone

The Assist-Me platform incorporates a simple-to-use no-code visual chat designer making it easy for anyone to create a chat client and customise all aspects of the branding through an intuitive web portal.

Customisable user interface

Design, create and publish digital interfaces for web, speech and avatars.

Customisable user interface for conversational ai assistant

Universal chat client

Communicate with your audience with rich content.

Universal chat client for conversational ai assistant

Easily add your branding

Completely customisable web interface, easy to update with your brand look and feel:

  • Add logos, choose fonts, select colours and button types
  • Create your digital persona and include animations to attract your audience
  • Select your choice of buttons, images and sounds
  • Preview your design and publish in minutes​​
Chat client designer for conversational ai assistant

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