AI Assistant for 8x8

8x8 customers can integrate the Assist-Me platform in a matter of hours and begin to offer AI-powered chatbots, voice assistants and cross-channel engagement (Email and SMS) into chat sessions and phone calls with seamless integration to the 8x8 Contact Centre and phone system.

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ai assistant contact centre integration

AI Assistant for 8x8

A powerful and simple-to-use portal enables anyone to create simple or complex workflows to respond to customer enquiries. The graphical flow builder makes it easy to add buttons, images, videos, maps and other media in seconds. An embedded iPaaS enables integrations to both cloud-based and on-premise applications through APIs and pre-built connectors. Transfers to 8x8 can be added to any workflow through a simple drag and drop component and published with one click.
The 8x8 Chat Connector is a turnkey module that integrates Assist-Me with the 8x8 Contact Centre allowing seamless two-way hand-off between systems with advanced features and high levels of integration. The connector can be configured in minutes and with packaged flow templates it enables the integrated solution to be operating in a matter of hours.
Dashboards and analytics offer detailed insights on interactions, conversations, transfers to 8x8, plus real-time monitoring, heatmaps, chat transcripts, customer sentiment and reports.

Demonstration of workflow build with transfer to 8x8

Key capabilities

Universal chat client

AI Chat client designer
Create, customise and brand a beautiful chat client for a website in minutes and deliver both the chatbot and 8x8 Live-chat from a single user friendly interface. No HTML skills required.

8x8 Flow-builder components

8x8 flow builder - conversational ai assistant
Use the scripting tools to add Q&As and the flow builder to create workflows and processes; the 8x8 transfer component can be dropped into any part of the journey. The no-code flow builder enables any Customer Services team member to configure journeys and escalations.

Seamless 8x8 transfers, informed agents

8x8 flow builder - conversational ai assistant
Workflows can transfer or escalate to any of the 8x8 configured queues. Set the queue for each workflow or offer the customer a choice based on their specific enquiry.

Define multiple rules on when, how and why automated journeys transfer to an agent. Specific words or phrases spoken by your customer can automatically trigger a transfer to a chosen queue.
Provide the agents with customer information before they start the chat session. Customer details can be presented including their name, email, phone number, webpage metadata and any other captured information.

Integrate to anything, connect to everything

conversational ai assistant integration designer
Integrate data from any CRM, business application, database or knowledgebase using packaged connectors or the iPaaS.

Identify and authenticate your customers and offer personalised responses and transactions.

Pass customer data to the 8x8 agent providing a personalised and frictionless experience.

No repeated conversations

8x8 integration - conversational ai assistant
In addition to customer data the full transcript is pushed to the agent for them to review the conversation with the digital assistant before starting the chat. This avoids repeated conversations and the agent knows exactly why the call transferred. Transcripts can also be posted into the "Notes" fields within CRM and other business applications.

Benefits of Assist-Me with 8x8

End to end platform

Chat and speech client interface, AI chatbot, no-code flow builder, integrated Email and SMS, surveys, and hand-off to 8x8 Contact Centre connector

Embedded Low-Code

Embedded Low-Code Integration platform for connecting to any application through connectors and APIs

Powerful functionality

Configurable by almost anyone; build simple and complex journeys, test and publish in minutes

Universal AI

Embed a broad range of AI services from multiple vendors

Intelligent transfer

Context queuing, queue switching, supervisory transfers, data-dip queue deflection

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