Contact Centre & UC Integration

Assist-Me is converse360's Service Automation Platform that uniquely enables organisations both large and small to introduce end-to-end digital self-service.

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ai assistant contact centre integration

Easily integrate across all of your systems

Connect Assist-Me to your UC, telephony system and Contact Centre.
Out-of-the-box integration to telephony systems and pre-built connectors for some of the worlds leading contact centre vendors ensures no silos.
Contact Centre connectors can be built for almost any vendor products (subject to APIs being available) to blend self-service with assisted service.
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Automate telephone calls

Connect Assist-Me to your Unified Communications and telephony system to offer a 24/7 voice service. Give callers an amazing experience regardless of the size of organisation.

  • Triage calls and answer enquiries across any topic, any time of day
  • Automate calls when lines are busy or out of hours to assist your audience at their convenience using natural conversation
  • Recognise VIP customers, or discussions about high value product sales, and offer a priority and personalised service
  • Move low-value transactions and repetitive requests to digital services and self-service
  • Replace voicemail with a voice assistant that can provide detailed responses rather than taking a message. No need for Auto-Attendant options; customers can speak in a natural way
  • Integrate to your CRM and other systems to ID&V customers and look up the specific information they require
Ai assistant

Conversational AI can seamlessly automate calls with natural sounding, human-like speech and provide an always-on service. With no complex or expensive Auto-Attendants / IVRs to install, the customer service team can easily set up responses in minutes.

Intelligent connectors for contact centres

Assist-Me connectors for contact centres offer seamless hand-off for customers using AI Assistants or voice assistants when they need to chat further with customer service advisors. Deep integrations within the connectors enable rich functionality when transferring sessions from self-service to live-service.

  • Intelligently manage events that trigger a transfer from an AI Assistant, to a live agent or other automated processes
  • Hand-off and escalation parameters can be configured including key words or phrases, customer sentiment, specified intents and customer identity
  • Route calls/chat sessions to specific queues or let the customer select the topic or queue
  • The platform will identify if the contact centre is open and transfer the interaction with metadata and conversation transcript
  • Agent can manage and trigger actions that instruct the AI Assistant to perform processes
conversational ai assistant - contact centre connector

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