May 22, 2024
May 22, 2024

The Top 10 Benefits of an AI Assistant for Housing Associations


How an AI Assistant for Housing can resolve up to 80% of common Customer Enquiries

In the UK Housing sector up to 80% of all inbound customer queries relate to Frequently Asked Questions, for example, repairs, rent, or reporting damp, mould, or anti-social behavior.  And while human customer service agents take time managing these mundane queries it often prevents them from spending time helping more vulnerable customers or dealing with more complex enquiries.

Added to this, the volume of calls related to common FAQ’s can create bottlenecks, increasing call waiting times, and negatively impacting customer satisfaction.  And while telephone based solutions like IVR have helped in the past by routing calls or by providing automated answers, they are often limited in terms of response, can be confusing to use, and aren't particularly accessible, with the majority of customers still choosing to wait to speak with a human agent when they have a query.    

Blending AI Assistants with Human Agents

Finding a solution that both alleviates the pressure felt by customer service teams and also improves customer satisfaction is a key priority for most housing providers.

When customer service teams are supported by virtual-agents they are likely to perform better and be more efficient.  We’ve seen that with automation handling all or part of the call, the average live call handling times can be reduced by up to 90 seconds (for one Assist-Me customer this equated to over 390 hours of time saved every month!)

While a Virtual AI-Assistant may not be able to answer the most complex customer service enquiries immediately (or without specific training and access to the right knowledge and information) it does provide a cost-effective and scalable solution; even at a basic level, to manage and triage frequently asked questions (FAQs). Customers already using the solution report that their AI Assistant for housing can understand up to 98% of all enquiries ensuring that they get an instant and informed response.

And if and when you need more functionality, AI Assistants can be connected to Housing Management Systems, CRMs or 3rd party scheduling tools.  This means that service appointments can be arranged directly via customer self-service and automatically shared with contractors.  This reduces the time your agents spend arranging and re-arranging customer repair appointments, yet provides an overview into all maintenance bookings and enables housing providers to respond to surges in demand and to identify any potential issues.

A win-win both for customers and your customer service agents

With an AI Assistant providing automated self-service when and where they need it your customers get the help they need, even outside of normal office hours.  Your customer service team is also burdened with fewer mundane enquiries from tenants, and can take the time to help in situations which demand human attention, for example more vulnerable customers can be provided with the support that they need.  

There are a host of hidden benefits too, here’s a quick reminder of 10 ways that automation via an AI Assistant helps housing associations to deliver better customer service outcomes:  

1. Combine digital and live customer service for a seamless customer experience

2. Integrate customer service engagements with housing applications to easily identify tenants, update records and maintain reporting

3. Transfer conversations to live agents and provide seamless follow-up when needed

4. Monitor sentiment and proactively respond or intervene if necessary  

5. Easily maintain transcripts of all virtual conversations, use the information to provide training, updates and also to identify specific surges

6. Customers are served instantly; they engage faster, avoid repeat calls and are more satisfied as a result  

7. Use natural conversational language and include instantaneous translation for non-English native speakers when needed

8. Triage common enquiries to enable human agents to focus on more complex residents needs

9. Reduce waiting times and remove call-waiting queues

10. Extend opening hours across phone and messaging channels

At converse360 we’ve helped dozens of housing associations and residential management teams across the UK to measurably improve the services that they provide to tenants and residents.  Our Assist-Me platform combines the very latest conversational and generative AI-capabilities that integrate with popular Housing Management Applications and Customer Contact Centres to transform your ability to serve customers.  

We’d love to show you how easy it is to set up, design and implement your own AI Assistant for housing.

Book a personalised demo directly via our website or email your enquiry to info@converse360.co.uk

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