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Intelligent Virtual Assistants and AI Chatbots for Insurance Providers

Customers are demanding better, faster and more effortless experiences than ever before, whether via the website, on the phone, or through social channels - and insurance is no different.  Being able to optimise performance whilst enhancing customer experience is the panacea and service automation can play a big part in this journey. But there is a fine balance in reducing costs and increasing efficiency whilst driving higher levels of customer satisfaction. This is where blending service and process automation with live advisors can offer an instant and enhanced service whilst delivering a personalised experience.

There are various stages in a journey where customers need to interact with insurance companies, whether getting quotations, asking questions, updating policies or making claims. In this modern world no-one wants the frustration of being stuck in queues waiting to speak to an advisor when self-service offers a powerful alternative on the customers channel of choice. Automation and the use of Chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants can respond to all types of enquiries, they can process claims, streamline settlement times and increase transparency to your customers. Equally important is retaining the personal touch and having the ability to hand-off to a live agent when required, based on predefined rules and scenarios ensures that your customers always feel listened to and valued.

Insurance Providers

More than a chatbot or RPA

Automated customer service processes can be delivered though a variety of media including telephony, social media, SMS, email, web, smart devises, kiosks/video screens and also your existing digital portals or within apps.

converse360's Assist-Me Customer Service Automation platform makes it easy to create a process once, edit the workflows to suit either messaging, speech or visual elements and publish it to your channels of choice. 


Benefits for your customers and your Customer Service team include:

  • No more queues for customers who want instant responses

  • Extend your opening hours to 24/7

  • Enable customers to self-serve using natural conversation, speaking or typing

  • Reduce calls into Claims or Customer Service teams

  • Triage monotonous and repetitive calls to enable advisors to focus on more complex enquiries

  • Provide a compliance audit trail of interactions with customers


Insurance providers can choose Virtual Assistants to automate specific processes and leave live advisors for other tasks or enquiries. All interactions are proactively monitored and triggers are configured to detect when customers are getting frustrated or need further assistance, and the system automatically offers a transfer to a Customer Services Advisor and passes the relevant information across. Ensuring a successful call resolution and a great customer experience.

Fast-track your marketing
service automation journey

Create, build, edit, view, and test your process and workflows within days

We have simplified the process, fast tracking the set-up and reducing costs. Below is an example processs for introducing automated webchat, such as a Chatbot or Intelligent Virtual Assistant, and be able to start testing in a day! 


The no-code portal makes designing your chat client easy. Add your logo, customise your colours, fonts, buttons, icons, pop-ups and design greeting messages to represent your company's brand.


Hundreds of sample FAQs and workflow templates to choose from.  Or create and edit your own with our no-code/low-code portal. See these example flows which are easily edited.


Use our standard connectors into CRM systems or our low-code Integration Designer to connect your workflows to enterprise data and CRM systems.


Use staff and friendly customers to test workflows on the web pages and get feedback.  In processes that use speech, different staff members can call into the test number and speak with the service and ensure it understands all words, phrases and dialects and retune as necessary.


Update your website and apply changes to your telephony system with a simple line of code.  

Use cases for Insurance Chatbots, Intelligent Virtual Assistants and Service Automation


Answer common questions and provide links to more detailed information, your digital portal, web pages and documents



Enable customers to transact in numerous ways. Make payments, change payment details, or even highlight if they are struggling to make a payment



Make forms more dynamic, let capturing mundane information be conversational and have responses steer your customers to relevant knowledge with minimal effort



Automate the setting up, amending or cancelling of appointments, with integrations to Calendars, CRM and Scheduling

Diamond 6.png


Assist callers to check basic issues themselves, watch how-to videos, self-diagnose problems, share images to assist repairs



Manage all aspects of a policy including the ability to look up a policy, check any excess, amend policy details, renew or cancel policy



Request feedback & make it simple for customers to air their views whether positive or negative, one click or detailed questionaires


Many tasks within the claims process such as requesting a claim form, checking eligibility, making a claim, checking the status of a claim, providing information for a claim

Bulb 2.png

Some exampes of the ways that converse360's Assist-Me Customer Service Automation Platform enables Insurers to streamline processes and deliver exceptional customer service to customers. 


See our Intelligent Virtual Assistant in action in a housing environment, including workflows.  Discover how you can seamlessly blend automated responses with live agent hand-off including context and transcripts.

You can also request a personalized live demo where we can show you the most relevant features and functionalities based on your business sector and individual requirements.

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