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Low-Code Integrations

Integration hub

The Assist-Me Service Automation Platform offers a powerful and modern integration framework for incorporating your business data into interactions and conversations across messaging and voice. 

The drag-and-drop, web based interface empowers you to easily integrate systems and automate business processes.  Use the connectors, APIs, SOA and templates to talk to your public or private business applications, SaaS, IoT devices, UC and Contact Centre systems.

The low-code portal enables your in-house IT team to manage integrations with little or no external assistance.

low-code workflow integration

Simplified integrations

Connect with all your current systems, knowledgebases and enterprise data

low-code drag and drop chatbot integration
  • Low-code drag-and-drop framework makes it quick and easy to build integrations and processes

  • Open technology that is flexible enough to connect to all of your business applications


  • Out-of-the-box authentication and application templates reduce the time to go-live

  • Publish instantly to all your channels

  • ​Delivered by your in-house IT team


Intelligent transfer

intelligent transfer created using low-code integration
  • Intelligent transfer and seamless hand-off for web, messaging and speech


  • Pre-built connectors to teamwork and messaging apps, telephony systems and contact centers


  • Easily configurable transfer rules at any point in the workflow offer various queue options  


  • Choose whether to offer or force a transfer. Connectors include intelligence to check whether queues are open, present wait times or offer alternative contact options

Business applications

low code integration for business applications with chatbot virtual assistant
  • Retrieve data from business applications such as CRM, Service Desk, HR, knowledge-bases and sector and domain specific applications.


  • Use ID&V at any point in the workflow to identify and validate customers


  • Present users with personal information and post updates back to the application

  • Offer communications within workflows; send emails or SMS messages, request feedback

  • Integrate to Robotic Process Information (RPA) systems to update multiple applications

Messaging applications

  • Integrate with the ever-growing number of messaging platforms with our out-of-the-box connectors


  • Utilise social media platforms, email and SMS


  • Bespoke integrations created when required

  • Seamless hand-off to a live advisor in your messaging platforms and teamwork applications

  • Retain existing messaging tools and platforms that everyone is familiar with

chatbot low code integration with slack, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, sms
chatbot virtual assistant low code integration with Webex, Teams and email
Messaging Applications

Contact Centres and Telephony Integration

chatbot virtual assistant to integrate with contact centres and telephony
  • Integration framework for many of the leading contact centres  


  • Intelligently manage events that trigger a transfer from a Virtual Assistant, to a live agent or to another automated process


  • Hand-off and escalation parameters can be configured including key words or phrases, customer sentiment, specified intents and customer identity 


  • For text-based communications the platform will identify if the contact centre is open and transfer the interaction with all metadata and conversation transcript


  • Agent can trigger actions that instruct the Virtual Assistant to perform processes

  • For speech-based digital communications the platform can transfer to contact centre queue or telephony system

chat virtual assistant integration with enghouse interactive
virtual assistant chatbot integration with cisco

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