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Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge is power

Knowledge discovery and management is fundamental for any Chatbot, Virtual Assistant or Digital Human to be able to efficiently capture, discover and share their knowledge.

As the knowledge base of an organisation grows, searching and retrieving relevant content gets more complex.  converse360's AssistMe Customer Service Automation Platform utilises Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable Chatbots and Virtual Assistants to serve relevant information to customers quickly and accurately.

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Answer questions and action requests
Quickly.  Digitally.  Dynamically.

Unlock knowledge from within your business and make it universally accessible to employees through dynamic conversational interfaces.

Present information instantly that is personalised and relevant and save your customer time.

Pre-trained data and complex dynamic content

The platform enables users to retrieve both pre-trained answers as well as more complex and dynamic content found in documents, knowledge bases, databases, product manuals, and business applications such as CRM and Service Desk.

This includes the ability to retrieve content from a variety of different formats and technologies.


Machine Learning provides continual improvement

Responses to enquiries may include content that rarely changes where pre-trained answers from FAQ’s or workflows will guide customers and resolve their query accurately. Also, integrating Machine Learning allows it to continuously improve from user interactions and enables organisations to create and deploy custom machine learning models based on domain expertise to increase accuracy.

Where answers are dynamic and constantly changing, the system can be trained to search through specific content that exists in different formats that are typically challenging for traditional search technology to interpret (PDFs, Excel tables, PowerPoint). With our embedded AI, information can be intelligently labelled and indexed within your enterprise document library (headers, footers, content, images, tables) enabling smart discovery of precise answers from within bodies of text.


Capture information from 
business applications  

Where dynamic content is stored within databases, it will search information and content found in business applications such CRM systems, Service Desk, HR systems, databases or industry specific systems. Data can be retrieved to help identify customers for ID & V, and look-up content to provide users personalised responses.

See our Virtual Assistant in action in a housing environment, including workflows

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