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Introducing Sophie, your next Customer Services Advisor 

Would you like to extend your opening hours to 24/7, remove the frequent and mundane calls from your Contact Centre or Customer Service department and free up your advisors to focus on more complex enquiries and customers who need that extra level of care? The solution is to utilise an Chatbot or Intelligent Virtual Assistant - we like to call them Digital Humans as the solutions provided by converse360 are so much more than a Chatbot.


Hear how Sophie, a Digital Human, can assist you.

Please ensure the sound is turned on at the bottom of the video. Give us a call to arrange a live demonstration of Sophie and to see service automation working across a whole range of channels.

Find out more about digital humans

converse360 is the UK partner for Uneeq - giving you access to market-leading technology in the creation of Digital Humans.  Download now to find out how you can start your Digital Human journey.

what are digital humans.png


What Are Digital Humans?

An introduction to the world of digital humans – who they are, how they work, and the roles they’re playing for brands.

why digital humans.png


Why Digital Humans?

This infographic explains why the world is moving towards building a smart, scalable, digital workforce.

building a digital workforce.png


Building A Digital Workforce

Create a workforce based on creating interactions with Chatbots, Digital Humans and humans.

Digital human best practices.png


Digital Human Best Practices

This ebook is a best practice guide to building amazing and engaging digital human experiences.



Digital Einstein - Fundamentals of Marketing

Transform your marketing funnel with personality-activated engagement through digital humans.

sophie resume.png


Digital Human Resume

This resume gives an idea of what digital human product geniuses are being used for today.

Request a personalized live demo for the most relevant features based on individual requirements.

Or Contact Us to find out how digitals humans can help you deliver exceptional customer service, regardless of industry sector, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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