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Automation costs, complexity and lack of integration hindering CX programs

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

A recent study suggests that the struggle to integrate customer service chatbots, human customer service agents and data sources is resulting in suboptimal experiences for customers. The study highlights the other factors that are hindering CX programs are automation costs and complexity.

The top challenge among all the issues was cited as integration between disparate CX technologies.

The study serves to demonstrate the big differences between the various CX technologies and the organisations that deploy them.

The Bigger Picture

Much of this may be because companies are simply looking to deploy an AI chatbot or intelligent virtual assistant without thinking about the bigger picture or the long term implications for their choices. So how can you make better choices when looking to implement an AI chatbot or intelligent virtual assistant?

Choosing an AI Chatbot/Intelligent Virtual Assistant Provider

To ensure you offer the optimal customer experience, both now and in the future, you should consider the following when choosing a provider for your virtual assistant:

  • No-code design studio to create everything from simple FAQs to complex workflows

  • Drag-and-drop low code integration with all back-end systems including team messaging apps

  • Support for multiple channels including WhatsApp and Messenger

  • Blended live and automated services

  • Natural Language Processing and speech support

  • Analysis and monitoring of automated and live services

converse360 offer all of the above and more. So if you are looking to implement an AI chatbot or intelligent virtual assistant that's future-proof contact us or call us on 0333 6000 360.

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