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December 18, 2023
December 18, 2023

Conversational AI: The Future of Contact Centres Revealed


New research confirms that conversational AI is set to revolutionise contact centres. According to a report by 8×8, 80% of IT and contact centre leaders believe that conversational AI capabilities will be essential in the near future. In fact, 41% believe that companies failing to adopt these capabilities will fall behind.

Increase In Investment

The report highlights that 99% of organisations plan to increase their investment in contact centre operations, with a significant portion being allocated to automation. Interestingly, US respondents place greater importance on automation (27%) compared to their UK counterparts (8%) and Canadians (16%).

Boost Productivity

The significance of conversational AI cannot be understated. The report reveals that 87% of respondents believe that conversational AI and chatbots boost productivity, while 76% claim that these capabilities are revolutionising business communications. Additionally, 72% are confident that conversational AI will increase profitability, revenue, and reduce risks for their companies.

Many Benefits of AI

Organisations using AI capabilities have already experienced numerous benefits. 92% report faster resolution of customer issues, 87% have reduced agent effort, and 53% have lowered the cost of contact centre operations. In the UK, 94% prioritise voice chatbots for AI-based capabilities in contact centre and customer support operations, compared to 68% in the US.

Improve Customer Service

The primary focus of implementing conversational AI in contact centres is to enhance customer service capabilities (62%). However, organisations are also leveraging the technology to streamline internal workflows (42%), improve customer satisfaction (36%), and reduce customer wait times. Surprisingly, only 6% of adopters are using conversational AI to reduce employee and agent headcount.

Read the full report here.

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