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converse360 announce their partnership with PCI Pal

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

converse360 are pleased to announce our partnership with PCI Pal, a trusted name in secure payment solutions, to integrate secure digital payments into the converse360 Conversational AI platform, Assist-Me.

The integrated solution enables customers to make payments effortlessly within AI-powered conversations through converse360’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants/Agents (IVAs) and Chatbots.

Utilising a single PCI Pal API, the IVA invokes PCI Pal whenever the customer needs to make a payment, providing a seamless and frictionless experience for the customer across all digital channels.

To ensure security, when customers are requesting or divulging sensitive information through a self-service interface such as a Chatbot or IVA they will need to identify and verify themselves. The Assist-Me platform will capture their details, verify the information and optionally connect with any business applications to confirm a balance. Once all the information is confirmed the payment process will begin.

The sophisticated natural language processing capabilities of Conversational AI and the advanced security features of the PCI Pal payment platform, mean every transaction is secure and compliant with industry standards, protecting both businesses and their customers.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Consumers are increasingly looking to self-service as the technology has improved in order to avoid excessive wait times and accomplish tasks quicker, and this includes making payments. 89% of consumers recently stated they will spend more with companies that allow them to find solutions online without having to contact anyone, so offering self-service digital payments makes sense. This partnership means customers can now make seamless automated payments within the AI chatbot experience, providing an even more convenient and intuitive payment process.

Using The Power of AI

Dom Newman, VP Sales EMEA at PCI Pal said: "By integrating our trusted payment solutions into the converse360 Assist-Me platform, we are enabling customers to effortlessly make payments within AI-powered conversations. By combining our advanced security features with converse360’s natural language processing capabilities, customers can enjoy a seamless and frictionless self-service payment experience, while ensuring they maintain the highest levels of security and compliance"

Simplifying Payments through Digital Channels

"We are excited about our partnership with PCI Pal and the opportunities it brings for our clients," said Richard Brown, Managing Director of converse360. "This is more than just a technical integration; it will transform and greatly simplify the way customers can handle payment transactions through digital channels.”

Find out more about how PCI Pal integrates with the converse360 Assist-Me platform.

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