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converse360 Announced as Founding Member of 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem

8x8 recently announced the 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem, a new program that allows customer-first organizations to enhance customer experience by deeply embedding cutting-edge technologies, including leading artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, into the 8x8 platform. The 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem offers customers a choice of next-generation products with native integrations to organizations of all sizes without requiring complex, custom development or exorbitant overhead costs that have traditionally only been feasible for the largest enterprises.

“Billions of dollars of venture-backed investments in thousands of startups is helping to rapidly accelerate the pace of innovation in the AI space. This is leading to revolutionary advancements, especially in the area of improving the customer experience," said Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst at ZK Research. "Getting locked into a single communications provider's AI technology is holding back organizations from truly benefitting from the phenomenal rate of innovation taking place. 8x8's new Technology Partner Ecosystem allows enterprises to easily plug in the right AI solutions that best meet their business needs and transform the contact center and customer engagement."

The 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem boasts a select group of partners including converse360.

Built on the 8x8 XCaaS™ (eXperience Communications as a Service™) platforms open architecture, the new program nurtures an ecosystem of leading technology partners and encourages innovation with solutions they need to provide their own customers with exceptional experiences. With the 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem 8x8 customers can:

  • Create tailored solutions using readily available technologies, eliminating the need for expensive custom development or excessive overhead costs.

  • Experience seamless integrations that are carefully curated from a select group of trusted industry-leading CX partners.

  • Access next-generation technology and explore new integration categories through an open, ecosystem-first platform.

8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem members enjoy robust program benefits, including the ability to:

  • Collaborate on joint go-to-market strategies, including promotional support, sales enablement, joint field engagements and lead sharing.

  • Discover and address new customer use cases through an open, ecosystem-first platform.

  • Maximize the power of platform-wide data to unlock the full potential of AI integrations and pioneer transformative customer experience solutions.

  • Reach new customers and tap into additional revenue opportunities.

“Self-service is no longer just the step before speaking with a live agent, it can offer customers instant, engaging, and informed personalized experiences,” said Richard Brown, Director at converse360. “Our integration with 8x8 provides a seamless, robust hand-off between our two systems, allowing organizations to focus on their own customers rather than their technology stack. The 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem delivers the best of all worlds for us because, instead of competing against each other, we are working together to solve the CX needs of our joint customers.”

8x8 XCaaS is an integrated cloud contact center and unified communications platform, which includes cloud contact center, business phone, video meetings, team chat, and SMS capabilities in a single-vendor solution. 8x8 XCaaS is a resilient, secure, and compliant platform, which offers the highest levels of reliability with a financially backed, platform-wide 99.999 percent uptime SLA across an integrated cloud UCaaS and CCaaS solution.

Learn more about the 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem at

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