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Empowering Housing Association Tenants

Tenants expect a modern and effortless experience when managing their housing. Messaging Apps and self-service portals are changing the way housing associations interact with their tenants. As housing associations continue to embrace technology to transform how they provide their services, it has become increasingly essential to invest in apps and self-service portals tailored towards enhancing the tenant experience. In this blog, we take an in-depth look at how apps and self-service portals help to empower tenant experiences in housing associations.

Benefits of Housing Association Apps and Self-Service Portals

Apps and self-service portals come with a host of advantages. One of the most significant advantages is that they are efficient in streamlining communication between tenants and the housing associations. Tenants can easily log in and raise issues they encounter, such as maintenance issues or payments. Housing associations can use the platform to provide tenants with an avenue to update their details such as changes to their contact or payment information.

Access to Real-time Information

Apps and self-service portals provide tenants with access to real-time information. With the world moving at a fast pace, people become less patient when they have to wait for information or updates from their housing providers. Tenants can use their mobile devices to check a rent balance, confirm appointment dates or update personal information. Real-time access to information provided through apps and self-service portals empowers tenants to manage their tenancy proactively.

Improved Tenant Engagement

For tenants, interactions with their landlords or housing associations can be at times stressful. Apps and self-service portals have enabled housing associations to create an efficient and convenient way to interact with tenants. Tenants can easily use the platform to request different services, such as reporting a maintenance issue, schedule, change or cancel repair appointments and receive a clear and concise response. This interaction creates a level of transparency that helps to build trust between tenants and their landlords.

Personalised Tenant Experience

The beauty of messaging apps and self-service portals is that they can be tailored to meet individual preferences. Tenant-specific information such as payment history and maintenance requests can be presented through personalised answers.

Improved Platform Accessibility

With the use of mobile devices, tenants can easily access the platform from anywhere at any time they want. The convenience of being able to interact with their housing association through a mobile device and their channel of choice empowers them to manage their property much more effectively.

Housing associations must prioritise tenant experience if they wish to stay competitive in the ever-changing housing market. The benefits of apps, messaging plaforms and self-service portals are clear and the investment in these technologies can revolutionise the way housing associations interact with their tenants. These platforms empower tenants to communicate 24/7 more efficiently and conveniently. With the right investment in these technologies, housing associations stand to offer a service that customers love and provide a richer and more efficient tenant experience. 

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