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How Has The Pandemic Changed The Customer Experience?

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

The pandemic has forced many organisations to take a look at how they service their customers, and how both traditional approaches and new technology need to adapt to the changing consumer needs.

Many organisations were not able, or willing, to have staff in the office and instead had them

working remotely. Others had to manage a massive increase in enquiries without the agents to deal with it. As a result, there has been a big focus on alternative ways to ensure the same level of customer service was still being delivered to customers. Digital transformation has played a big part in this.

Fast-Tracking AI

For many organisations this has meant fast-tracking technology that was already in development. The emerging technologies that have really come to the fore are conversational AI and other forms of digital technology. The benefit of embracing these technologies is that many had already started their digital journey by exploring these technologies and the pandemic just accelerated their digital transformation.

This move to more use of AI chatbots and virtual assistants for customers may not be totally unexpected as we have seen the recent growth in chatbots in customer-service. Perhaps more surprising is the level to which it has been used to support employees, in effect your internal customers, either working remotely or suddenly demanding considerably more information or support, such as in healthcare.

A recent report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services suggests that organizations with advanced digital workplace strategies are rewarded with the best remote working results.

The pandemic has amplified the need for many different types of digital tools, including AI, as organisations look to ensuring both continuity and improvement in serving the needs of both employees and customers. Whilst digital tools were commonplace in varying degrees, many were not fully exploited, or even understood, until the pandemic caused a radical shift that forced organizations to adapt and re-evaluate the potential uses of AI. Many areas, especially within customer services, have turned to the implementation of chatbots and virtual assistants using conversational AI to deliver high quality 24/7 customer service.

Early Adopters Benefit Most

Businesses that adopted AI early in the pandemic have already seen benefits in terms of reduced costs and increased ROI. Many have now ramped up exploratory projects using AI. However, the digital transformation of the workplace has only just begun. Disruptive technologies are starting to radically change how we do business, and the pandemic has only highlighted how important these changes are going to be for businesses looking to keep up with competitors, let alone to stay ahead of the curve.

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