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Is low-code automation the solution to employee burnout?

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

If organisations are looking to digitally transform then automation, driven by low-code and no-code functionality, is vital. Not just because it allows businesses to maintain efficiency and reduce costs. It also helps your most important

asset – your people.

Recently, demand for talent has intensified as a result of the "Great Resignation," forcing businesses to look closely at retaining employees.

Adoption of low-code automation continues to help employees' workloads so they can focus on more complication or compassionate tasks, or just more interesting projects.

For many businesses the focus is often on boosting productivity, but new data shows that these tools can also help things like work-life balance.

So, low-code tools can help deliver strategic business benefits whilst at the same time combating employee burnout. Critical to any retention strategy.

Improved work-life balance means more satisfied employees

low-code automation tools improve the overall employee experience. In a recent survey nearly 90% of those asked said they felt more satisfied with their job and 91% believed low-code automation solutions saved time and offered better work-life balance.

Nearly 80% of workers in the survey reported that low-code automation tools gave them more time to deepen relationships with customers and other stakeholders, take on challenging new projects, and learn new skills.

One of the strongest examples is that of AI-powered customer service chatbots or intelligent virtual assistants. They can handle simple questions and tasks, like cancelling an order or tracking a shipment. Agents can use their skills and creativity to solve more complex customer problems or other related work, providing a far more rewarding experience for the agents.

How to invest in automation

In a digital-first, remote-working world 95% of IT and engineering leaders say their organizations are prioritizing automation.

If you are ready to start your automation journey but are nervous one option is to automate an internal-facing process first, so before creating a customer-facing self-service solution, you roll out a version for employees.

If you haven’t yet invested in automation it may be tempting to test the waters with a project that is both low risk and low profile. You may not want to risk mission critical areas when you are still getting to grips with the tools. The downside of this approach is wasting time on projects that won’t demonstrate the true value of the technology. Instead, a phased approach can reduce risk but still show the value of automation.

As well as a robust technology, organisations must ensure their employees have the resources in place to manage increasingly complex workflows. This is where the right technology can offer huge benefits. No-code design studios mean users in the relevant departments can easily create workflows with a drag and drop process, and low-code integration tools need minimal IT support or development input.

Technology can automate mundane tasks, quickly onboard new staff, make people more productive, and provide employees with fulfilling and engaging roles. This increases loyalty to the business and helps retain talent, as well as reducing employee burnout. That translates to an exceptional customer experience, as happier, more engaged employees have the opportunity and bandwidth to go the extra mile for customers.

Engaged employees, happy customers

Automation allows businesses to reap significant rewards in terms of cost savings and productivity, while also increasing job satisfaction, work-life balance, and retention amongst employees. These engaged employees help deliver customer service that exceeds customer expectations and helps retain customer loyalty.

If you are ready to start your customer service automation journey, contact us or call us on 0333 6000 360. If you are looking to build the business case for customer service automation we have another blog you may find useful.


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