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Why Are Organisations Using CX Automation in Retail?

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

What is CX?

CX stands for Customer Experience and it represents the entirety of your customers’ interactions with your brand. It’s an holistic concept that ties together every shopper touch-point across the customer journey and how your customer ‘experiences’ your brand.

Exceptional CX increases customer loyalty and retention.

What is Retail CX Automation?

Retail Customer Experience Automation is a broad term that covers all the ways that e-Commerce-trained AI can help provide quality customer assistance to shoppers as they interact with a brand. Your automation technology platform gets smarter the more data it gathers from being exposed to a greater volume of customer interactions. However Retail CX automation still requires a dynamic approach that is continually monitored and reviewed based on customer data, changing customer expectations, and the change in preferred communication channels.

Why should retail brands adopt a CX Automation Strategy?

Despite the increased move online during the pandemic, there are still many retailers that have stopped short of fully embracing automation as the foundation of their customer engagement.

Benefits of Retail CX Automation

Scalability - there is a limit to how much a retailer can grow its live agent customer care workforce before the costs become untenable. CX Automation can provide streamlined, customized experiences at a scale that human agents can’t match. CX Automation means you can rapidly scale up to include new channels and new functionality in existing channel.

Meeting Customer Expectations - Customer expectations have been growing rapidly and show no signs of slowing down. Customers expect responses in real time and via their channel of their choice, end-to-end order tracking and a fully automated return process. CX automation helps organisations meet these expectations.

Improved Customer Satisfaction – The rise of social media has also created a rise in customers, both happy and unhappy, willing to publish online their experience and opinions of your brand. The tweet or post of an unhappy customer can have considerable reach.

Lower Customer Support Costs - Controlling customer support costs is a constant battle, and an automation CX strategy allows organisations to do this and can even boost bottom-line revenue. CX automation can handle most of the routine customer inquiries, meaning that live agents can be more effectively deployed to handle the complicated cases.

Want to know more? Ready to make your next step in Retail Customer Experience Automation? Contact us or call us on 0333 6000 360.

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